about Me

My Mission

My main goal is to emphasize that

we CAN learn to feel more joy,

love, security, trust and connection

I grew up in a home that held a great deal of trauma. Both my  parents grew up in very traumatizing environments that they never healed from. Consequently they passed this trauma on to me and my siblings.  We grew up feeling unsafe in the world and with a great deal of difficulty flourishing as adults. The pain from my childhood, as with many of us, got buried deeply and I muddled through life seemingly functioning fine but really struggling at a core level. When I lost someone very dear to me it brought all this pain to the surface of my awareness in an overwhelming way. This “dark night of the soul” journey caused me to explore many healing options in order to find some joy and peace in  life again. This led me on a spiritual, psychological and emotional quest that profoundly deepened my understanding of people and myself and helped me heal my old wounds and live a life in which I am finally flourishing. As with the flowers in these photos, I was “growing” in conditions that were harsh yet I somehow managed to blossom.  My blossoming brought with it a powerful level of compassion, understanding and empathy for the pain and distress of others.


As part of my passionate quest for healing and self-growth, I have been a member of various groups for over 15 years including the Human Awareness Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and “Authentic Movement”. I have also participated in group process work and have led groups.

My main goal is to emphasize that

we CAN learn to feel more joy,

love, security, trust and connection

I am DEEPLY INTUITIVE  and very skilled in understanding people  so when I sit with you, I often become aware of things happening in you before you are fully aware of them. I hold all of it with a  level of understanding and compassion that helps my clients feel very safe so they can feel their inner process more fully and with more healing and growth. In addition, I am steeped in knowledge and expertise of the latest theories of what brings about change in people so I can help them find more lightness and peace.  The main way I work is through a style of healing I call Relational Guidance.


I incorporate  attachment based techniques and Hakomi as well as mindfulness. Studies increasingly are showing that a great deal of what helps clients heal (as much as 75%) is by having new experiences of attachment to other people. And this is accomplished in the relationship with their healer.  This helps individuals and couples deepen their trust and connection to themselves and to others. I believe that most issues stem from old wounds, and that all people have the capacity with the help of compassionate and capable others to heal these wounds.  My private practice focuses on working with both individuals and couples.  My office is in the Mission District in San Francisco.


Theo's main goal is to emphasize that we can learn to feel more joy, love, security, trust, and connection.

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