Depression afflicts most people at some point in their lives.  It can look like many things;  laziness, tired all the time, being withdrawn, moody, sad and hopeless.  It can cause you to withdraw from people and the world can feel grey and lifeless. You lose some interest in things you used to enjoy.

We’re speaking about two main types of depression:


Situational depression and Long-term depression


Situational depression is when something happens in your life that causes you to suffer from depression:


A loved one dies.

Your partner leaves you.

You lose your job.



You learn that you have an illness that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.


This type of depression can resolve itself and release it’s hold on you after a period of time has passed.  But without the help of a guide, this could take longer than it needs to or worse, never fully releases it’s hold on you.  This is when it becomes long-term depression.


Long-term depression is more often due to patterns that were set in place at an early age or over  many years of a painful situation continuing.  This type of depression is often a symptom of deeper underlying causes. Medicine can help in these types of situations.  But in addition to medicine, some long-term guidance is very important. Sometimes these underlying causes are partly genetic;  some of us are physiologically more pre-disposed to suffering from depression.  And often this long-term depression is masking deep wounds.  The body literally “depresses” the emotional pain and scarring because to our psyche it feels overwhelming – literally our body thinks it’s TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.  And in the short term, with the limited access to inner and outer resources available to some people, it can be.  Often this is when people turn to addictions; to help them cope with these overwhelming feelings.  So please be compassionate with yourself and those you love who are suffering from addictions.  It is often masking deep internal pain.


Situational and long-term depression can dissolve but it takes time and the help of a caring guide. This type of guidance for depression can be completed in just a few months but often takes much longer.  Studies have shown that deep patterns of wounding and difficulty with navigating life often take many years of consistent weekly work with a skilled practitioner to fully or even mostly resolve themselves.  Isn’t having a happier more satisfying easeful life worth any price necessary?

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