When someone who matters to us leaves our life, it can cause tremendous grief. But it's not just people who can cause us to feel grief, it can be something too; a job, a belief, our memory capacity just to name a few. We can feel overwhelmed as we grapple with accepting these new circumstances. This can cause depression and heartache. Others try to comfort us but it's often done in ways, while well-meaning, leave us feeling even more alone with our pain.


People offer advice such as suggesting going to the gym, or participating in other activities but the world feels so grey we simply can't fathom having the energy or desire for such activities. Or they give us advice to try to comfort us when all we really want and need is for someone to listen and respond in a way where we feel understood.


This helps us feel less alone. Grief can cause severe depression. What would help you the most in these circumstances is to find ways to feel less isolated without the fear of being a burden. I understand the depth of the pain of grief and can help you navigate your way through it. You don't need to suffer alone. Let me help you.

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