Modalities and Specialties

I use many forms of healing and growth work to help my clients heal and evolve. I use psychodynamic understandings and other tools to help my clients understand their unconscious processes and the parts of their psyche they aren’t aware of. And my main tools are Hakomi, attachment based theories, mindfulness principles and eastern spirituality. And underlying all of this is my connection to spirituality and how a person’s connection to spirit plays a part as well.


So many of our struggles in our relationships with people and the world at large is due to all those moments in our early years (as early as just a few days old up until the present moment) in which we were hurt by people. In particular our primary caregivers tend to have the deepest impact on us. Even when they have your best interests at heart, our parents/primary caregivers have their own wounds that limit their ability to show up for us in healthy ways. So we get hurt. These hurts cause neuronal pathway “grooves” that stifle our ability to feel solid and peaceful in the face of difficult situations going forward and they often get compounded over the years.

Hakomi  is a type of guidance largely based in helping people heal and grow by working with what is happening in the here and now. When feelings come up that are difficult to manage, they are almost always based in old experiences and feelings. Even though the experiences and feelings are often from a long time ago, the situation happening now triggers these old feelings so that we are re-experiencing them in the present moment. As an experienced guide, I will help you work with these feelings as they arise in my office. By doing so, I again help the clients psyche and mind form new experiences that help to alleviate the suffering from old hurts.


Modalities and Specialties

Modalities and Specialties


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