When people hear the word “trauma”, they often think of what it means in a very narrow way. They think of it as someone who has been in a war or was in a severe accident. While PTSD  is one form of trauma, trauma has a much broader meaning. In RELATIONAL GUIDANCE, we understand that a significant percentage of the population gets traumatized in their attachment relationships starting at a very young age (as early as the very first days out of the womb) up until the present moment. We call this ATTACHMENT TRAUMA. It can show up as anxiety, depression, apathy,  sluggishness,  panic and many other uncomfortable, overwhelming feelings. And can be so debilitating it can express itself as fear or even terror.


ATTACHMENT TRAUMA experiences  happens to many of us to greater or lesser degrees. We are instinctually wired to “attach” to other humans. From the time we are born our behavior is geared toward getting the humans who are taking care of us to attach to us and their behavior is usually geared to getting us to attach to them. As babies, our very survival depends on it. In fact it’s been shown that even more than 

food, babies need a humans touch. They need to attach. In cases where this didn’t happen, babies have been shown to literally stop eating altogether and die. So we are “wired” to seek out the close connection of other humans. Therefore when our primary caregivers act in ways that make us believe our safety is in jeopardy we can be traumatized by this. A prime example of how this happens is when we do something they don’t like and they withhold their love and care. Even if their intentions were good, this can cause lasting scars.


Thankfully, these old trauma scars can be healed and we can feel more easeful and free of having old trauma get triggered through attachment based (relational) trauma guidance. As an experienced trauma healer, I  help my clients heal old trauma wounds. Trauma guidance can help a client’s mind grow new neuronal pathways in their brains , they grow to feel more easeful and freed up from old triggers and problematic feelings.


When the trauma is due to traumatic occurrences such as an accident, molestation or other similar things, trauma guidance can also help. We work very slowly and carefully with the old memories or lack of memories to uncover the traumas and heal them in a way that allows them to lessen their impact. Part of how this works is simply because you are accompanied by me as you experience these memories and feelings. This allows the old memory pattern to dissolve. You can get relief from trauma. I can help…

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